Educational FAQs

In addition to the FAQs below, the Support Tab which can be found in the top right-hand corner of the home page, contains lots of ‘How to Use’ videos. These videos will help answer most of the key questions users have associated with Complete PE.


Who do we contact if we have any educational questions linked to Complete PE?

If you need any educational support or have any questions linked to utilising Complete PE, then please contact Catherine by emailing catherine@completeperesource.com.


Can we book any staff training or support?*

Yes of course. All member schools are able to book and access 1-1 subject leader support as well as staff CPD and training. This training is delivered via zoom and can be booked by emailing Catherine on catherine@completeperesource.com.

We have ensured there is a significant amount of pre recorded training already on Complete PE. This training ranges from content that is designed to support all PE leaders, to training that will upskill and develop all members of staff. To access this training, go to the Professional Development section of the Subject Leaders’ area. There is a file titled ‘CPD’ and it is in here you will find the workshop folder containing all the training.
* Please note that all training is subject to availability and after school slots are normally booked up several months in advance.


Can you show the videos to pupils before or after the lesson?

Yes, the videos are a great tool to support peer and self-assessment as well as peer and self-reflection.

Some of the success criteria have the same video attached/the videos are sometimes repeated, why is that?

There are over 7000 videos contained within Complete PE and we do use some of the videos more than once. Some videos will show many different elements of learning, therefore it is important to use that video more than once. The title of the success criteria will provide a focus and help each user to know exactly what to look out for when watching the clip. We can then watch the same clip to identify other key successes.

Some of the videos only show a small group of pupils participating in the activity, why is this and why doesn’t it show the whole class?

When filming the content for Complete PE, we aim to keep all the videos as realistic as possible. The camera will not always pick up everything and sometimes when 30 pupils are moving around it becomes almost impossible to capture the success you want to showcase. Therefore, we have isolated the key success to ensure it is really clear for the purposes of demonstrating successful learning, giving the video purpose.

Differentiated Learning Cards

Where are the ‘Differentiated Learning Cards’ embedded within Complete PE?

The Differentiated Learning Cards are embedded within the sequences of learning (lesson plans). Look out for a document icon positioned next to the title of a game or activity. By clicking on that document icon, you will be taken into the differentiated learning card appropriate for that particular activity. The cards are there to provide you with ways to adapt the learning, depending on the needs of your pupils.


Is the assessment system easy to use and how do I use it?

Completing summative assessments is really quick and easy to do. The assessment system on Complete PE enables all teachers to complete quick and meaningful summative assessments at the end of a unit of work. The system will generate automatic comments for each pupil that can be used for school reports as well as calculating valuable attainment data. To find out more about how to utilise all of the assessment tools contained within Complete PE, click on the Support Tab (top right hand corner of the home page) and then select the ‘how to use videos’. There is a video focused on Physical Education assessment. This will play a short video explaining this process in full and will hopefully answer any further questions you may have.

Is it possible to see the overall % data of emerging, expected and exceeding learning?

Yes. This software is built into Complete PE so that schools can see this data following the completion of an assessment.

Curriculum Mapping Builder

How do I use the Curriculum Mapping Builder?

The Curriculum Mapping Builder enables schools to design and create their own bespoke curriculum overview. There is more content on Complete PE than a school can teach and this is important so that schools are free to design a curriculum that will meet the specific needs of the pupils in their school. The tool is simple to use and once a school has built their curriculum, the map will appear automatically on the school’s home page. To find out more about how to utilise the Curriculum Mapping Builder, click on the Support Tab (top right hand corner of the home page) and then select the ‘how to use videos’. There is a video focused on using the ‘Curriculum Mapping Builder’ and will hopefully answer any further questions you may have. You can also find this video, as well as a video supporting mapping for mixed aged classes, in the Curriculum Mapping section itself.

When I am creating my Curriculum Map, I want to be able to drag and drop units and move them around within the map itself, can I do this?

Yes! All users can be able to drag, drop and move units around within the map itself.

After I add my classes/year groups onto the map, when I click ‘save’ they disappear. Why is this?

When you add a year group to your map on the lefthand side, before you click save, add a unit to the template. This will then save. If you just add the year groups down the left and click save, they will disappear.


What do the letters SSL mean?

‘Suggest Sequence of Learning’. This is the name we have given to our lesson plans. Our sequences of learning (plans) have been deliberately created without any time stipulated within them. It would make no sense at all for us to dictate how long learning is going to take for the pupils in every school. The sequences of learning are all progressive and flow sequentially from one to the other. Teachers should move through the sequence and onto the next ‘plan’ whenever their pupils are ready.

What is “Show What You Know”?

This is the way that all of our sequences of learning begin. By starting lessons with ‘Show What You Know’, not only can we warm the pupils up and prepare them for the lesson ahead, but we get to ‘diagnose’ and ‘baseline assess’ where our pupils are in their learning. From here, we know what the next steps are for every pupil and we can move pupils on in their learning when they are ready and support those who need more time to learn.

You mention “Time Saver Icons” what are these?

The time saver icons are the colourful circles found within each of the suggested sequences of learning. The five ‘Time Saver Icons’ give schools quick access to resources such as equipment lists, Knowledge Organisers and the Assessment Tool.

What do the letters mean next to each of the success criteria?

The letters represent the area of learning that we are challenging. Complete PE challenges the whole child and so it’s not just about the physical learning that we will see in our pupils, it’s also about the personal skills that they will develop as well. The (P) stands for physical, the (C) stands for cognitive, the (S) stands for social and the (W) stands for emotional or well-being.

Subject Leaders’ Area

What is this?

The Subject Leaders’ Area is a section on Complete PE containing all the necessary resources to ensure every subject leader can perform their role with ease.

Is this section just for PE Leaders?

Not at all. Everyone can access the Subject Leaders’ Area.

What resources are contained in here?

There are so many resources, but the area is split into four key sections: Action Planning, Curriculum mapping, Professional Development and Additional Resources.


Do you have resources to support lunchtime leaders?

Yes, we do. In the Additional Resources section of the Subject Leaders’ area there is a ‘Pupil Led Learning’ section. In here there are lots of resource cards and activities, designed to be used by pupils as they lead others. These activities are ideal for break and lunchtimes.

Administrational FAQs

Who do we contact if we have any technical issues with Complete PE?

If you’re having any technical issues, then please contact us. We will look to resolve any issues as quickly as we can.

Do teachers get their own login?

Yes, as part of your annual membership each teacher will receive their own login to Complete PE.

Can we set up new teachers ourselves?

No, to set up new teachers or a member of staff you need to contact Joe by emailing joe@completeperesource.com.

Can we delete teachers who are leaving or have left the school?

No, to delete and stop a teachers access to Complete PE who are leaving or who have left the school you need to contact Joe by emailing joe@completeperesource.com.

Who do I contact for new teacher logins?

For any questions or queries linked to new logins you need to contact Joe by emailing joe@completeperesource.com.

How do we reset teacher passwords?

To reset your password, click on the “password reset” button which can be found on the login page. If for some reason you do not receive an automated email with your new password, then contact us and we will reset this for you. Sometimes automated emails will be directed to your junk or spam box.

How do you upload all your pupils in one go onto Complete PE?

It’s really easy to upload your pupils onto Complete PE. By following the simple steps below all of your pupils will appear on Complete PE in a matter of minutes.

• Cut and paste each pupil’s information from your School Management Information System (e.g., SIMS) onto a new excel or CSV file and save.
• Then go to the “Pupil tab” on Complete PE, press “Import”, choose the excel spreadsheet and then Upload the file.
• Complete PE will start to ask you to confirm each column. Make sure you are confirming the correct column e.g., year group.
• Once all columns have been confirmed and you have submitted the information, the pupils will be on Complete P.E. for the academic year chosen.
• This process has to be done at the start of each academic year.
• All your assessment data will be retained and can be seen by clicking on the appropriate academic year.

There is also a short Help video that you can watch within the Pupils Tab to support you further.

Can I add individual pupils onto Complete PE?

Yes, you can add individual pupils onto Complete PE. To add individual pupils, follow the steps below.
• Click on the “Pupils tab” on Complete PE, press “Add”, and then input the pupil information and press “Submit”. This pupil will then appear on Complete PE under the relevant Year Group / Class / Academic Year you have chosen.

Can I delete individual pupils from Complete PE?

Yes, you can delete individual pupils from Complete PE. To delete individual pupils, follow the steps below.
• Click on the “Pupils tab” on Complete PE and select the relevant Academic Year and Year Group. A list of the pupils in that Academic Year / Year Group will then appear.
• Select the pupil that you want to delete and press “Delete”. This pupil and their data from the Academic Year you have chosen will be deleted from Complete PE.

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