St Margaret’s Primary School

St Margaret’s Primary School

About St Margaret’s

St Margaret’s is a welcoming church school in Crawley, West Sussex. St Margaret’s aim to provide the highest quality of teaching and learning, where pupils are challenged to meet their full potential academically, spiritually and socially.

What was your rationale and reason for choosing Complete PE?

Complete PE is what it says on the tin, we wanted a curriculum that was easily accessible and reduced workload for staff. PE is a subject that always brings added pressure for staff as it relates to subject knowledge and teacher confidence.

We had a plan previously, but it had become outdated and cumbersome for staff, moving to Complete PE took away the shackles. I knew it would be an easy transition as I had used it previously, the planning is user friendly and easily digestible.

Our main key indicator was to ensure that teachers felt confident in delivering the PE curriculum and that meant resourcing knowing how to progress etc and Complete PE allows for that. Although we still have some teachers who are apprehensive about it, their confidence in delivering PE has significantly improved in the last six months. Teachers do feel more confident, and there is 100% improvement in the attitude to teaching PE within the staff at school.

Pupils always love PE, some are more confident than others, but everyone takes part and gets involved. What I really like about Complete PE is that video exemplars which teachers regularly show their pupils so that they can see successful models and takes the pressure away from the teachers to always model if they lack the confidence or the ability to do it themselves.

How is Compete PE now supporting your school?

We decided to move straight to Complete PE in September 2023, so in the summer the staff were given access to the platform and we mapped out their curriculum. This allowed any concerns to be addressed early and get the ball rolling for the new academic year.

The provision has increased massively, we can see staff confidence at a higher level than before. It has helped teachers top up their knowledge and has also enhance their ability to teach higher quality PE lessons.

What impact has Complete PE had/is having in your school?

Since we have been using Complete PE, we can see that the children are enjoying the lessons more as they are much more succinct and practical. One of the instant impacts we have seen at school is the enthusiasm of the teachers. The planning and the resources has enabled them to teach something they are less confident in doing.

Pupils really enjoy the activities and the lessons as there are lots of practical and theory to support their learning the detailed planning helps, Teachers can pick and choose how to deliver the lesson, but all of the outcomes are the same.

As a school we can already see the physical literacy and the involvement of the children in activities is increasing.

Let us show you the impact Complete PE can have in your school.


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Castle View Primary School
Castle View Primary School

Castle View Primary School

Active Children

The high-quality PE lessons that have now been delivered have ensured that pupils are active for longer periods of time, their lessons are more engaging and that teacher attitudes are more positive – which is also evident to the children.

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Cholsey Primary School
Cholsey Primary School

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Positive Impact

Complete PE has had a really positive impact on our children and staff. There is more enjoyment around PE and an improvement in the standards of teaching.

We love it!

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Youth Sport Trust
Youth Sport Trust

Youth Sport Trust

Proud to partner

We are proud to class Complete PE as one of our ‘changemaker’ businesses.  We believe Complete P.E. provides the full package of support to teachers in planning, teaching and assessing high quality PE against both physical and personal outcomes for all pupils.

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