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We are proud to class Complete PE as one of our ‘changemaker’ businesses.

We believe Complete PE provides the full package of support to teachers in planning, teaching and assessing high quality PE against both physical and personal outcomes for all pupils.

The fact that Complete PE is developed by current primary PE teachers means that the resource remains current and is ever evolving in line with the needs of teachers.

Why do the Youth Sport Trust choose to work collaboratively with Complete PE?

Complete PE provides high quality, teacher informed resources, training and tools to support PE subject leaders and generalists alike in driving vision, purpose and practice in PE from a physical literacy, holistic perspective.

This vital work aligns with our vision- to ensure the subject’s full worth is understood, and as a result the subject is embedded and valued across schools and their communities, ensuring all young people develop physically and personally, helping them to be healthier, happier, more resilient young people prepared for life in the 21st century.

What impact can Complete PE, with TOP PE and MYPB have on primary Physical Education?

It equips educators with the knowledge, understanding and skills to plan and deliver a PE curriculum that meets the needs of all learners. Complete PE meets teachers where they are in their relationship with PE, building confidence and competence at their pace and supporting their development as teachers and leaders of PE.

With YST’s TOP PE and My PB teaching and learning materials embedded within the sequences of learning, Complete PE makes explicit the links between the physical, social, emotional and cognitive domains of learning, supporting teachers to develop the whole child.

We have ensured that Complete PE can be affordable to schools long into the future, including enabling schools to pay a one off cost and own all the planning for life. Why is this important for sustainability?

Primary schools have seen 10 years of investment into PESSPA through the PE and school sport premium, with the key focus being on sustainable legacy.

Complete PE allows schools to pay a one off payment that provides access to planning, resources and online CPD that will continue to benefit teachers at the school now and into the future.

It is important that schools decide for themselves if a resource is going to be the right resource for their school. Are there any parts of Complete PE that schools should look at specifically while they are on trial?

The curriculum mapping, learner journeys and knowledge builders support subject leaders to be clear on the purpose and progression of their curriculum, so would be a great starting point for any school on trial.

The sequences of learning provide high quality examples of PE planning, accompanied with videos to show what success looks like, to help all teachers build their confidence to plan, teach and assess PE.

We work with YST closely when it comes to designing new workshops and training. Why do you think our training can be so valuable to schools?

It allows for the bringing together of national expertise and perspective politically and educationally, alongside on the ground realities from teachers to provide informative and thought leading strategic and delivery insight.

Let us show you the impact Complete PE can have in your school.


Other Case Studies

Mansfield Town Community Trust
Mansfield Town Community Trust

Mansfield Town Community Trust

... the impact of Complete PE spills out into our partner schools

Catherine & Sarah’s CPD days with us furthered my understanding of PE and how it can implement my skillset across my planning and delivery.

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Belmont Primary School
Belmont Primary School

Belmont Primary School

Using Complete PE has made my job so much easier!

Complete PE is such a wonderful resource, and it has made such a positive impact on our school’s overall PE provision.

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Thorn Grove Primary School
Thorn Grove Primary School

Thorn Grove Primary School

High Quality Teaching

Our pupils now have access to consistently, high quality teaching across the school.  The teaching staff have adopted a formative assessment approach (coloured band assessment), which is now used across the school.

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