St Robert’s Primary School

St Robert’s Primary School

About St Robert’s School

St Robert’s is a small village school in Bridgend, Wales.

St Robert’s set high academic and behavioural standards and the staff are committed and hardworking, to enable the children to achieve their full potential.

What was your rationale and reason for choosing Complete PE?

Our previous PE schemes of work were outdated and very difficult to follow. We had a different scheme for each area of PE, with lesson plans and activities stored on CD and in textbooks. The resources were under utilised, leading to an inconsistent approach to the design and delivery of PE lessons.

I had previously used a different online scheme which I liked because it was user friendly, however it was far too expensive for our small school to purchase. The previous PE lead had been sent an email about Complete PE so we decided to take a look.

The lesson plans were comprehensive and easy to follow, especially for those less confident at teaching PE lessons. We wanted to have a streamlined PE scheme that was all in one place and easy to follow.

Complete PE has been a huge success, based on feedback from staff and students alike. Lessons are progressive and fun; and the children really enjoy the different aspects of outdoor learning such as orienteering in KS2.

Complete PE has given staff the confidence to tailor lessons according to the needs of their students, and we have seen some of the principles of high quality PE, embedded in other areas of the curriculum. Since using Complete PE, we have seen a renewed passion for PE, leading to higher participation in lessons and extra-curricular physical activities.

How is Compete PE now supporting your school?

Honestly we just went for it! We just felt our old scheme needed to go, so we just completely committed to Complete PE.

Complete PE does what the name says, it gives everything that is needed for staff, whether they are confident in teaching PE or not. Staff are completely engaged with Complete PE and tell me how great they think the scheme is and thank me for getting the necessary resources to deliver enjoyable PE lessons.

What impact has Complete PE had/is having in your school?

Complete PE has helped staff to refine and differentiate PE lessons and has helped to embed meaningful assessment for learning.

PE is now delivered regularly and is no longer overlooked by staff. I feel really happy with how our school has adapted to the resource, which just shows how much it was needed. Staff are now more confident and don’t see PE lessons as a burden anymore.

Pupils say they now enjoy PE lessons and the activities involved. Pupils are more confident to participate in lessons as the lessons help to develop the whole child.

Do you feel Complete PE will be able to support your school well into the future too?

Absolutely, one of the main draws to this scheme of work was the initial payment and low membership fee, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to invest in it.

So much money is required now for the implementation of the new Welsh curriculum, so Complete PE had to be effective and affordable and it is 100%.

PE is now delivered regularly and is no longer overlooked by staff.

Katie Holder Class teacher & Health and Wellbeing Lead

Let us show you the impact Complete PE can have in your school.


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