Castle View Primary School

Castle View Primary School

About Castle View School

Castle View is in a small town known as Runcorn, which is situated in Cheshire.

Castle View aim to welcome each learner into a happy, secure and stimulating environment, where high standards are expected, practised and achieved. Castle View implemented Complete P.E. to provide a framework for teachers to follow to ensure consistent High Quality Physical Education is taught across the school.

“The PE profile was not raised enough throughout the school”

Rachael Ord, PE Leader
Why did you decide to implement Complete P.E. at Castle View?

The PE profile was not raised enough throughout the school as staff were lacking confidence when teaching the subject.

Due to this, pupils developed a negative attitude towards PE and spent long periods inactive or were not physically or cognitively challenged during their lessons.

After trialling several schemes of work, and other ideas, the support and resources provided by Complete P.E. has meant that children can be challenged physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally in progressive units of work.

What is the objective of Complete P.E. at Castle View?

We were looking for a scheme of work that would give teachers the support that was necessary in order to teach a High Quality PE lesson.

Through the use of the interactive videos, differentiation support, an easy-to-use assessment tool and diagrams for the setting up of resources, Complete P.E. has ensured that every lesson can be a high quality.

What impact has Complete P.E. had on your teaching staff?

Teachers are beginning to develop their confidence towards the subject through the teacher guidance documents, questioning examples and visual images/videos, provided.

The lesson plans and guidance documents that are available have saved teacher planning time, not to mention the easy-to-use assessment tool which has given teachers the opportunity to make judgements and store any pupil data sufficiently.

What impact has Complete P.E. had on your pupils?

The high-quality PE lessons that have now been delivered have ensured that pupils are active for longer periods of time, their lessons are more engaging and that teacher attitudes are more positive – which is also evident to the children.

Pupils are beginning to change their attitude towards the subject and now look forward to the lesson.

What has the overall impact been on your PE provision?

Staff confidence has been developing since the implementation of Complete P.E. and teachers are feeling more confident with their subject knowledge.

The quality of teaching and learning has improved across the whole school and lessons have been engaging, fluent, well-paced, and pupils are appropriately challenged throughout.

“The quality of teaching and learning has improved across the whole school.”

Rachael Ord, PE Leader

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