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Belmont Primary School are situated in Derbyshire with approximately 420 pupils on roll. Belmont endeavour to provide a safe, happy environment where pupils will be nurtured to grow up to be a hardworking, responsible and well-behaved members of society.

What was your rationale and reason for choosing Complete PE?

We purchased Complete PE because it was a comprehensive package that staff were very positive about after a trial. Complete PE gives support to less confident staff whilst allowing excellent progression and development of skills for all pupils.

The key aim for implementing Complete PE was to find a resource that staff were enthusiastic about delivering, a resource that gave staff the confidence to deliver the full spectrum of PE and to instil a love of physical activity in all our children. We have endeavoured to make a difference when developing staff knowledge and understanding of PE and develop CPD opportunities. We completed an audit of staff confidence and found that some staff lacked confidence in the areas of gymnastics and dance.

We brought specialist teachers into school to support staff, model lessons and provide bespoke planning. Using Complete PE has bolstered staff confidence, many staff use the videos to support their teaching and help pupil knowledge and understanding. Our pupils love PE and it is brilliant to see the progress they are making using Complete PE. Skills are introduced, practiced and re-visited regularly to ensure proficiency.

What was Ofsted’s perspective?

Ofsted visited us in November 2022. A PE deep dive took place, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. PE was found to be a strong subject and Complete PE was integral to this outcome. We shared lesson plan, progression documentation and assessments and all were highly praised.

*The Inspector did not make any specific comments linked to our intent even though this was shared.

How is Compete PE now supporting your school?

Complete PE up-skills our staff through its own CPD units and the use of comprehensive planning and video clips. We rolled Complete PE out across the whole school from the beginning of the academic year it was purchased. We had spent time trialling various schemes the previous academic year.

Complete PE has allowed us to map our PE curriculum in a clear and logical way. The map allows for solid progression in key areas. We did make some minor changes after the first year based on experience of the units and pupil voice. When new units are created, we look at those and if we add them we make adjustments to our map accordingly. Complete PE ensures that what we teach is appropriate to the year group and to individual pupils, we can adapt the planning we access and adjust lessons where necessary. The units we cover often feed into competition opportunities and after-school clubs.

Complete PE supports our teaching with high quality resources, planning and adapted lessons. Pupils have the opportunity to embed skills, revisiting them regularly and applying them in game situations. All staff are engaged with Complete PE. We work closely with Derby County Community Trust, and they also use Complete PE so that joint approach makes any shared teaching easy. Supply teachers coming into the school can be given access to the planning and quickly be able to see what the children have already covered and what comes next.

Assessment of PE using Complete PE is very simple and easy to do. We assess after every unit and this allows us to give a fair report at the end of the year that takes into account all of the areas of PE each child has covered.

What impact has Complete PE had/is having in your school?

Overall, Complete PE has had a very positive impact on PE delivery at Belmont Primary School. Staff confidence has improved, there is more consistency in what is delivered and progression is clear. As a subject leader Complete PE has made my role so much easier: I can assess easily and can access the assessments of others too. I can also see quickly how different genders, Free School Meals, Pupil Premium pupils perform and put interventions in place where necessary.

As a subject leader. I know what the curriculum map looks like across the whole school and can adjust it easily. I see good progression in the children I teach and positive outcomes across the whole school.

Do you feel Complete PE will be able to support your school well into the future too?

Yes, with regular updates, new units and resources I feel that Complete PE are always working to develop and refine their resource. I particularly like that Complete PE aim to work alongside NGBs.

What top tips would you give to other schools that may be considering implementing Complete PE?

Trial the scheme to ensure it works for your school, pupils and staff. Talk to other schools that use Complete PE to get a flavour of how it works for them. Consider what scheme your SSP or Community Trust use, if they are involved with your school.

Can you summarise the outcome of your PE Deep Dive and make reference to any areas that Complete PE supported this process?

Our PE deep dive went very well and PE was considered to be very strong. Complete PE documentation was used as part of the deep dive and made my job as PE lead so much easier. I could quickly share all aspects of the scheme and share and discuss the curriculum map, show progress ladders etc.

Let us show you the impact Complete PE can have in your school.


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