Dinglewell Infant School

Dinglewell Infant School

About Dinglewell Infant School

Dinglewell Infant School is situated on the outskirts of Gloucester.

Dinglewell’s aim is to treat every child as an individual and provide a secure, safe, happy and welcoming environment that they can thrive to learn in.

What was your rationale and reason for choosing Complete PE?

We had originally written our own scheme of work that linked to Fundamental Movement Skills. However, we decided to implement Complete PE as we felt it would give our school a clearly defined progression of learning.

As PE Subject Leader, making sure that every teacher completed PE assessments has always been a challenge. Complete PE offered a simple and manageable approach to this for teachers.

We also really wanted teachers to feel confident in teaching PE rather than buying in an expert teacher or company. It’s important to us that children have their class teacher teaching them PE as they do in their other subjects. The videos helped with CPD and to develop their confidence. The plans are easy to follow.

How is Compete PE now supporting your school?

Before implementing Complete PE, we delivered an inset for staff. This ensured that they understood how to use the new scheme. Staff are really pleased that they can print off and annotate the plans, allowing them to make the learning bespoke to their class.

We have purchased new equipment too, so that the whole scheme could be implemented effectively.

What impact has Complete PE had/is having in your school?

What impact has Complete PE had/is having in your school?

Since we have implemented Complete PE, we have had positive pupil and parent feedback. One thing that stood out from our recent pupil voice questionnaire, was that more pupils now enjoy their PE lessons.

Parents and pupils now understand why we predominantly focus on Fundamental Movement Skills and not a sport specific curriculum.

Pupils understand the term ‘physical literacy’ and what that looks like.

Staff are gaining more confidence teaching the whole PE curriculum and not just dance.

Do you feel that Complete PE will be able to support your school now and into the future too?

We can afford the sustainable membership each year and hope that this will continue after the PE and School Sport Premium too!

Let us show you the impact Complete PE can have in your school.


Other Case Studies

Manuden Primary School
Manuden Primary School

Manuden Primary School

Better Lessons

The quality of teaching and learning has improved across the whole school since the implementation of Complete PE. Lessons flow, have pace, pupils are appropriately challenged but most importantly, pupil’s always look forward to their PE lessons.

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Greenmount Primary School
Greenmount Primary School

Greenmount Primary School

Confident Staff

The units of work provide so much support from interactive videos, questioning, how to support, explanations and diagrams. Teachers feel up-skilled, empowered, confident and enjoy teaching PE.

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Youth Sport Trust
Youth Sport Trust

Youth Sport Trust

Proud to partner

We are proud to class Complete PE as one of our ‘changemaker’ businesses.  We believe Complete P.E. provides the full package of support to teachers in planning, teaching and assessing high quality PE against both physical and personal outcomes for all pupils.

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